We are a company dedicated to provide
software development
and digital marketing services
to upturn your business horizons

Graion’s commitment is to assist its clients in reaching and exceeding their business goals by creating, implementing and measuring technology based solutions.

We understand that technology driven results are no longer about software itself but part of a digital strategy that encompasses a coherent and complemented user experience in both the digital and the physical worlds. Graion has proven experience in delivering high end technology solutions that efficiently integrate the mobile, web, and social channels that will make your company reach the different audiences it needs in order to accomplish your business goals.

Win-win long lasting relationships is what we seek for when working with all of our clients and all the parties we interact with, basing our decisions on trust and mutual understanding. Last but not least, we are all part of the same planet, so we are highly respectful for the ecosystem we live in, believing that it is our responsibility to protect and improve it on a daily basis with tangible actions.

We kindly invite you to share your idea or need with us so that we can make it happen.

Matias Vidal
CEO & Founder


To become a resourceful partner that will create and build disruptive meassurable and efficient technology based solutions to boost your business objectives

How we
do it

Creating meaningful experiences for your customers that are materialized as an integrated solution that encompasses software applications and digital marketing efforts in mobile, web, social and personalized channels.


  • Win-win relationships
  • End to end services
  • In house engineering, marketing and design team

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Our Services

Materialize your idea or need

The customer's business knowledge is blended with our technology, marketing and design expertise and both incorporated into the product definition via a series of multi-disciplined lateral-thinking sessions.

User experience design

Allow us to engage your users with a superb experience in all your digital assets, leveraging on truly disruptive ideas and and effective communication driven design.

Software development

We are proficient in the most popular frontend and backend technology stacks, including mobile, web and social platforms.

Digital marketing

We will make your business reach all your targeted audiences by improving its internet awareness (SEO), and creating efficient advertising campaigns in Google Adwords and Facebook.


We are highly skilled in using custom and top market traffic and usage analysis technologies in order to monitor and quantify that our solutions achieve the expected results. Some of the platforms we use are Google Analytics and KissMetrics.

Software maintenance

Software is a living product that requires care and evolution. We will provide you with the necessary support services to keep your software fully operative and up-to-date with the latest digital trends.

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